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If you want to chat with your friends anywhere in the world, GB WhatsApp is a great app for encrypted messaging. It has one of the most extensive selections of features and languages out there on any platform! This blog post will show you how you can GB WhatsApp Download it onto your device and get started chatting!

GBWhatsapp APK File Specifications

GBWhatsApp is an alternative for WhatsApp users, or we can say a mod of the original application. It expands on all the properties that WhatsApp has and also includes things that are lacking in its counterpart app. Up till now there have been many other tweaked versions introduced such as Whatsapp-plus, Whatsapp-prime, FMwhatsap–all with their own benefits to offer you!

GB-WhatsApp is a messenger app that has been gaining popularity throughout the world. It’s easy to use, and it also comes with many great features for free! The best thing about GB-WhatsApp is that you can download unofficial content even though this technically violates WhatsApp’s Terms of Service agreement. You get unlimited customizations to your chat experience, as well as an option for multiple accounts on one device – so if Mom wants her own separate account from Dad or Daughter 1 from Daughter 2, they have those options available without having different phones entirely just because there are too many people accessing one phone at once!

Background of GBWhatsapp Apk

GBWhatsApp apk is a mod of the original WhatsApp application that was developed by senior member Has.007 from XDA, and most properties are originally derived from WhatsApp Plus which has been banned on the original app. This alternative allows us to change different design aspects according to our needs; it’s perfect for those who want more customization potential than what they can get with an Android device!


Features of GBWhatsapp Apk

GBWhatsApp is the latest and greatest thing to happen for avid WhatsApp users. This revolutionary app offers a multitude of features that are not available on the original version, including support for multiple languages (including Hindi) in addition to file size up 50 MB.

GBWhatsapp is an amazing application with new maps and added functionality over its predecessor: Original Whatsapp accounts can also be linked within GBWhatsApp so you don’t have as many different apps open at once- how cool!

  1. Secured privacy
  2. Auto Reply feature
  3. Active status can be hid
  4. Cool stickers from google play
  5. Double ticks on the message delivery can be hided
  6. Blue ticks show that message had been read. they can be hided
  7. Last seen can be hidden from the selected contacts
  8. 35 characters for naming group
  9. WhatsApp status can be saved
  10. The status of the contacts can be copied
  11. Supports every type of file
  12. Supports 255-character length for status while regular WhatsApp allows 139 characters.
  13. can send the broadcast to 600 people instead of 250
  14. Selected status can be copied
  15. Click on any link without saving several senders
  16. Differentiate average and broadcast messages
  17. Using the application, one can call from the phone contacts also
  18. Can change the style of ticks & style of bubbles
  19. Can change any feature we want to
  20. Pinning of chats is not restricted to 3
  21. can show the tabs for the contacts in different style options
  22. Can send up video to 50 MB
  23. Can send clips of audio to 100 MB, not 16
  24. The limit of sending 30 images is increased up to 90 images at a time.
  25. While copying messages can hide the date and name.
  26. Can change the theme.
  27. Can hide recording status
  28. 7 minutes duration of status video
  29. Best icons to launch
  30. Can connect WhatsApp on the computer through WhatsApp web
  31. Feature for data backup
  32. Can enable WhatsApp
  33. Can hide the typing status
  34. Huge collection of GIFs
  35. A log is also provided
  36. Schedule of the message given
  37. Have update that cannot be a ban
  38. Can fix the bugs.
  39. In a group chat, one can privately reply to the group members.

Benefits of the Latest GBWhatsApp Apk Version

This app is amazing with a lot of features. You can have two accounts on the same platform, and you can hide your active status! It has an advanced feature that allows us to share files at once without worrying about file size or several pictures simultaneously saving our time and energy as well. We get passwords for contacts we don’t want others seeing so they cannot contact them either.

With this WhatsApp update, one might download other’s statuses if it were wanted which would be great because there are more than 2 billion people in India who use WhatsApp daily- what better way to show off how interesting someone is? Those whom we do not wish see our location last seen may also prohibit such individuals selectively from being able to view it.


As you can see, GBWhatsApp has its advantages and disadvantages. It is a good alternative to the official App, but it also isn’t too reliable when compared with the real thing. If your account gets banned from using this application, you won’t be able to connect with anyone who uses the original one-and that includes any friends or family members on WhatsApp! And while some of these features are useful for people who want more control over their privacy settings, they do come at quite an expense in terms of security.

You may not think much about what would happen if someone hacked into your phone or computer and got access to all of your private messages-but now that you know how important those texts can

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