Difference Between Paid and Free Version of Among Us Game

What a surprise that the developers of Among Us Game has taken with a title that they launched in 2018 and that has had tremendous success in 2020, becoming one of the most viewed titles on platforms such as Twitch and being one of the best-selling games every week. a week on Steam.

But the success of Among Us is not only due to its gameplay and theme but also to its cross-game platform between PC users and mobile devices since it has a free version that allows you to play the title without problem with all your friends.

But after the doubt about whether there is crossplay between PC, Android and iOS, the next most recurring question is what is the difference between the paid version and the free version of Among Us, well, here we explain it to you.

Few but Important Differences

The folks at InnerSloth seem to be very clear that the video game industry is totally different on PC and mobile devices, so the first thing you should know is that the PC version of Among US is not free, it can only be obtained through Steam paying 58 Mexican pesos.

Amoung us Game

In the case of Android and iOS, the game is free to download, however, the developers include the famous advertising scheme to generate income, so you can always play Among Us with your friends as many times as you want, but on your phone, you will be watching personalized ads from time to time.

If you want to remove these ads on Android and iOS, you can do it by paying a small amount, which in the case of Google’s operating system is 39 pesos, and with that, the ads will disappear from the game. Why is Among Us on PC worth more than on Android and iOS? The reason is simple because they do not offer the same.

Once you pay for the game on PC, they offer you some cosmetics as a gift to customize your character, while on smartphones you are not given any gift for removing the publication, but precisely for that reason, it is cheaper to pay for the game on mobile devices.

In the case of Android, cosmetics can change in price, but they are almost always worth 20, 39 or 59 Mexican pesos, and you can choose between mascots, costumes and hats. On PC, cosmetics also have an individual cost, but you will already have some as a gift when you buy the game.

Another important detail is that if you buy the game on PC it does not mean that you will have the version of the game on Android or iOS and vice versa, in fact, your purchases cannot be passed between one platform and another.

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