Top 15 Best Offline Android FPS Games 2020

Want to feel the sensation of playing an exciting game that looks real? Then the FPS type game is the right choice for you to play. In the Play Store itself, there are many choices of FPS games that have good quality. However, to find the truly best quality, of course, is not easy.

Especially if you are looking for one that can be played without an internet connection. Well, if you are confused about finding the best and want an offline FPS game, you can see the recommendations for the 15 Best Offline Android FPS Games 2020 for android below.

Here are 15 Best Offline Android FPS Games 2020

1. Squad Strike 3

Squad Strike 3 is the third instalment of the Squad Strike series. Even though when this video was made there was the fourth series, for the fourth series there were shortcomings that were still under improvement, so Yagaming can’t recommend it yet.

For those of you fans of Counter-Strike, you will be familiar with the gameplay because it is similar. The graphics that are presented are 3D and the buttons to play are also simple so they are easy to play.

Besides being able to be played offline, this game can also be played with an internet connection. If you play offline, you will definitely fight bots. You can set the number of teams and the level of the bots.

2. Real Commando Secret Mission

Real Commando Secret Mission has a gameplay that is almost similar to FPS games in general. Players are required to complete several different missions. The number of missions presented to players is approximately 15.

Speaking of graphics, the display provided is quite good. Before the game starts, you can choose which weapon to use. And when you are on the battlefield, you can still change weapons if needed.

What makes it different from other FPS games, this game does not provide knives or other types of sharp weapons. So the main, second and third weapons are all firearms.

Well, if you are looking for an exciting but lightweight FPS game, you can consider this game for you to play now, guys!

3. The Walking Zombie 2

In The Walking Zombie 2, you will act as a person born in a zombie world. Presented by Alda Games, this game combines 2 popular genres, namely FPS and RPG.

So, you will control the character in the First Person perspective and there will be lots of zombie shooting scenes. Character control is certainly like FPS games in general,  using Virtual Analog.

Talking about graphics, The Walking Zombie 2 is designed with graphics that look Retro that is GOOD to look at so it’s interesting to play. If you like the game, you can download it now, guys!


Dead Trigger is an FPS that tells the story of a survivor in a city full of zombies. Madfinger as the developer brought this Dead Trigger game to appear in 3D with a game environment that shows a city being destroyed by zombies.

To control the character, this game provides a Virtual Analog located at the bottom left of the screen. Meanwhile, to AIM the characters, you can slide them using the finger on the right.

He cried again, you can enjoy this game offline alias without an internet connection. Interested in playing it?

5. Cover Fire

Looking for an action-packed game with great graphics? If so, there is Cover Fire that meets these criteria. This game made by Genera presents crazy graphics because the details of the characters, the location of the game, to the effects of bullets and blood can be thumbs up.

Apart from appearance, this game’s virtual controller makes the target direction stable so you can enjoy playing it. Regarding the gameplay, this game carries a rail shooter, where the space for players and enemies has been determined. But that doesn’t mean it’s boring.

In the game, you do not only act as an assault troop soldier. But there are several missions that give you the opportunity to become a Sniper or Bomber which has its own challenges.

As a game that is played without an internet connection, this FPS game has become the best in its class.

6. Lonewolf (17+)

Tells the story of a man known as Lonewolf. He is a sniper recruited by a crime organization called The Assembly. Not without reason, Lonewolf is assigned to finish off people who are opposed to interests.

The gameplay offered by Lonewolf itself is quite simple but at the same time difficult. The reason is, the target that you will aim at will have to be finished in just one try.

One thing to note, this sniper game is only suitable for players aged 17 and over. Given that this game displays a lot of violence and swearing.

7. Shadow of Lemansk ZONE

FPS games with good graphics may not be satisfying enough for a handful of players.

Well, if you want to experience an FPS game with a really tense gameplay sensation complete with slick graphics, then this game called ZONE Shadow of Lemansk is worth playing.

In this game, you will play a character who was born right before the earth was destroyed. Therefore, this situation requires you to live against various monsters that exist.

8. NOVA Legacy

If you have previously played the Modern Combat 5 game, then you can be sure you will be familiar with the features in this NOVA Legacy game.

When you first play this game, you will be faced with a Guide that lasts quite a long time. This guide explains in detail how to play Nova Legacy.

After completing the Guide, of course, you really know how to play it and are ready to start your adventure as a space soldier. Later, the enemies that you will face are not only space soldiers, but you will also fight against a number of extraterrestrial aliens that are difficult to beat.

9. Last Hope Sniper

Even though you don’t get the freedom to move, you will still get the sensation of an exciting and relaxing game. Given that later zombies will come to you.

In maintaining defence, you can not only shoot at zombies, but there are also a number of auxiliary items that can destroy zombies, such as drums that contain fuel, for example.

Well, you can rely on these items to kill all zombies around them. Apart from offering a sensation of tension, this game also features special bullets that have various effects, complete with stunning visual effects.

10. Dead Effect 2 

Success with its predecessor series, BadFly Interactive is back with a second series that still adopts the same concept.

Continuing the story told from its predecessor, where after Wagner was killed, there were still unsolved mysteries in the giant space research facility.

Later, the enemies you face are not only zombies and mutant creatures, but sometimes there are also human warrior enemies. Which, they are another conspiracy trying to control the ship to land the ESS Meridian which contains a lot of zombie viruses.

11. Modern Sniper

Become one of the best-selling FPS games that have been downloaded to more than 100 million android users. Of course, the gameplay quality of this game is unquestionable.

This game itself is relatively easy to play. Which is where you will be placed in a strategic location to target targets from a distance using a sniper.

12. Elite Killer: SWAT

It can be seen from the game title, of course, you can already imagine that in this game there will be shooting with terrorist groups. Yep, in this game, you are formed in a group that has a mission to defeat the terrorists.

Even though it is an Android offline FPS game, this game offers a variety of interesting features, from stunning graphics, dozens of weapons and more than 100 themes, to a wide selection of exciting game modes.

13. Neon shadow

For those of you who are looking for an Android offline FPS game with stunning graphics, it is mandatory to try this game called Neon Shadow. This game itself assigns you to eradicate aliens and space robots who intend to destroy the solar system.

Apart from presenting such slick graphics, the mission given by this game is also quite challenging, so it’s no wonder that many gamers play this game.

14. Return to Planet X

Next is Return to Planet X with the theme science fiction. In this game, you will be invited to shoot against aliens in order to reach an Asian broker located on a distant planet.

The weapons presented in this game are specially designed to kill enemies that are hard to beat. Besides being available for the mobile platform, this game is also available on PC.

15. Escape from Chernobyl

Escape From Chernobyl tells the story of the explosion of a Ukrainian nuclear power plant. So that the event is better known as the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 which was one of the terrible disasters that occurred on earth.

From this incident, many humans have become zombies due to nuclear explosion radiation. As someone who is still surviving, you must try to live and save yourself with weapons. Your mission is to escape from Chernobyl from an atmosphere that is so tense.


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